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71r A14hv6 T840 34.pdf




.pdf) The fact that it would be a mistake to not make a "clear airframe" shouldn't surprise you since it's not clear from reading it how the data is to be considered. They do make the problem more tractable for you by the description of the "data" they are considering, but if you're not already trained to think carefully about things, you might just as well give up and move on to reading the next document. It's also a little strange to find the "data" in a pdf file. The explanation for them calling it "confidential" would be because it's something they don't want to share with others (who might use it for unrelated purposes), but it's not really all that confidential. It's just private. Even if you knew how to fake the encrypted file, you could fake the encrypted file to contain anything you wanted. ~~~ einpoklum I don't know what a CTR or a ciphertext is. Do they mean some of the data is encrypted? I don't know. I'd presume yes. ajross There's more to a file than what's in it. Most people call the contents of a file "the data" even though you can build a model of that data by reading the file headers (and much of that data is only saved there so the file format itself can be verified without reading the whole thing). I don't know what a file format is, except that it's a format that is used for files. I would presume that the file has a format, and a "file header", which usually contains information about the file itself. That'd probably be important to know if you were going to use it. (Yes, I know that you could build a model of the file from the header, but that is very different from learning it from the file contents.) I can't seem to find a recent change history for this job. It was changed on the 20th from.02 to.04 in the newly created job history. Thanks! Hannah What is the new daily reference (Oct 2014) for the job at.05? My old reference was.02 and the new daily is.05. We are on 150 shares which



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71r A14hv6 T840 34.pdf

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